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JFN’s advisory services offer unique added value to Israeli and International funders investing in Israel. Together, we create focused, strategic philanthropy that reflects your vision and values. The Result: giving that makes an impact.

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JFN was an invaluable resource for us in setting up our family foundation. Their expertise and personalized support consistently reflected their reliability, professionality and wisdom.

Miki Lion, Lion Family Foundation
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As a board member of JFN and a founding member of JFN Israel, I am proud of the organization's work and achievements, our contribution to the growing social discourse in Israel, and the bridge we extend to funders from all over the world. For me, JFN Israel's focus on collaboration, that are uncommon in the philanthropic world, offers added value and significantly transforms the way Israeli and international philanthropists work and give.

Avi Naor

JFN is a network of friends and a resource for information and knowledge, on topics ranging from soft skills such as family dynamics, to study trips and brainstorming sessions, as well as a source of cooperation between philanthropists and foundations from Israel and abroad.
They are continuously developing and responding to emerging needs, and are in constant dialogue with us to remain current and relevant. I see the JFN as a professional, quality platform for promoting philanthropy in Israel, and an address for collaborative thinking and action in this field.

Noa Yuval Maoz

7 Bilion NIS

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