Family Philanthropy

The Center for Family Philanthropy was established by JFN Israel in 2018 to help Israeli philanthropic families develop an intergenerational giving infrastructure, incorporate the next generation in philanthropy and nurture a community of young funders.

The Center conducts sessions and workshops, and hosts international experts who are knowledgeable about the juxtaposition of wealth, values and family.

Young Funders

The Young Funders Forum was established in 2016 by a group of Israeli funders at the beginning of their philanthropic journey. Today, the Forum brings together more than 50 young funders ages 30 to 50, some of whom are new to giving and wealth and others who are second- and third-generation philanthropists.

Throughout the year, the Forum convenes community gatherings, workshops and lectures, and serves as a venue for peer learning, consultation, sharing and collaboration. Four members of the group serve as chairpersons to lead the Forum together with the JFN staff.

Next Generation​

The Center for Family Philanthropy, also convenes a group of young funders under age 30 who are part of philanthropic families and families of wealth.

 The group serves as a safe space for learning about strategic philanthropy, coping with issues related to wealth, developing personal fields of interest in philanthropy, networking, and gaining exposure to innovative tools for change, such as impact investments.

The Generations to Philanthropy Program​

Generations of Philanthropy is a facilitated process-oriented group that offers an intimate space for personal development while focusing on issues of identity, living with wealth, family philanthropy, etc. To date, there have been six cohorts of the program. Alumni of the first cohort established JFN’s Young Funders Forum that is still active:

Family Giving​

The Center for Family Philanthropy leads various workshops and sessions aimed at encouraging a culture of family giving, such as community family events, workshops for parents of children preparing for their bar/bat mitzvah, work with international family philanthropy experts and financial education for children and young adults.

These workshops provide JFN members with opportunities to learn as well as practical tools that help them in the complex task of preparing the next generation to continue the family tradition of giving and social involvement.

The center for Family Philanthropy virtual library

How can we instill the value of giving from an early age?

Reading books, beyond being an intimate and enjoyable family activity, contributes significantly to the child’s social development and the creation of a value system that reflects the ideology and cultural norms in the family (Prof. Zohar Shavit, Childhood: An Introduction to Poetics of Children’s Literature, 1996).

The Center for Family Philanthropy invites you to use story time to open a family conversation on giving. We have compiled for you recommended children’s books (for ages 2-5) to spark a value-based conversation on giving.

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