Advisory Services for Strategic Philanthropy

At JFN Israel, we believe that smart and well-planned-out philanthropy can contribute greatly to the resilience of Israel’s civil society. At the Center for Strategic Philanthropy, we offer a wide array of tools, knowledge and consultation for funders who are interested in making social investments in Israel, or alternatively, in expanding their philanthropic activity in Israel.

We believe in providing support and training that lead to action. We help Israeli and international philanthropists create a focused giving strategy that suits their needs and fields of interest, while at the same time, leads to the desired change for Israel. We offer private advisory processes and professional workshops based on expertise regarding the world of philanthropy in general and Israeli philanthropy in particular, as well as our network of members made up of leading funders from Israel and the Jewish world.
Our services are offered to JFN members and non-members. JFN members benefit from a reduced rate and receive a complimentary first advisory session.

Advisory Services​

Advisory services at the Center for Strategic Philanthropy are suitable for both novice and seasoned funders and lead to the creation of a personal individual plan for the funder and the family. The advisory process is generally comprised of a number of layers and stages:

Values-based clarification: Mutual responsibility, Tikkun Olam or social justice? Reducing gaps in the periphery, assistance to new immigrants or promoting social solidarity? Interactive models in personal, couple or family sessions, clarify the leading philanthropic values for giving. In addition, the process crystallizes the fields of giving and the optimal methods of intervention that will enable the funder and the family to create change that will benefit society and the State of Israel. This process reveals the personal and familial philanthropic DNA that will lead the funder and the family through the process of informed, effective, and strategic giving.

Practical tools for funders: Funders who wish to begin to expand their philanthropy in Israel are offered practical up-to-date knowledge regarding the legal models for giving, examples of contracts and follow-up and reporting forms between the funder and the grantee organization. In addition, funder acquire tools for conducting due diligence of organizations, managing grants, and responsibly concluding funding, and learn about other options for funder involvement through volunteer activity or serving on organizational board of directors.
For funders who choose to employ a professional staff to manage the philanthropy, the Center offers assistance with the professional training and development of the staff.

Mapping and Research​

In order to significantly support a particular field of philanthropy, it is important to understand the field in-depth and to identify the central players, experts, the challenges, and philanthropic opportunities. The Center for Strategic Philanthropy offers a list of models to expand your familiarity in a relatively short period of time and from a philanthropic point of view:

Mapping of the Field: We assist both international and Israeli philanthropists with mapping their fields of interest in Israel, including conducting a comprehensive review, mapping of potential partners and searching for opportunities for effective giving.

Field Tours: These tours are personally planned and tailored to reflect the needs of each funder. The tours include an individual introduction to the experts in the field, opinion leaders, prominent philanthropists as well as representatives from the social sector and government.

Focused Seminars: Sessions of a few hours focusing on various fields of interest, designed to highlight strategic insights in a specific field. In these sessions interdisciplinary experts participate in a guided process of pooling information and clarification that leads to strategic and practical outcomes.

Practical Workshops for Strategic Philanthropy

Throughout the year, the JFN Israel community meets for practical workshops in the fields of strategic philanthropy.
Examples of such workshops include: How funders can be helpful in organizational mergers and partnerships, how to evaluate strategic changes made during emergencies, the role of the funder serving on organizational board of directors, etc. Each year, the Center offers a number of new workshops that are open to JFN members.

For additional information and to schedule a meeting, please contact Sigal Yaniv Feller, Deputy Director and Senior Director of Advisory Services: