Peer Networks

Peer Networks

Philanthropic connections are an engine for effective social giving. When there is a need to address a specific issue in a deep and fundamental way, we believe that the power of connecting social influences should be exploited, and therefore our members are encouraged to create peer groups.

Peer groups are proven platforms that allow donors to unite around a specific topic that is dear to their heart and to lead processes of mutual learning and collaboration in working methods, as a basis for operational collaborations. By virtue of their participation, the donors are signaling their commitment to maximizing the philanthropic influence of each and every member of the group, for the benefit of society as a whole.

Here are examples of peer groups that make the difference:

Committed to Give: a group of about twenty Israeli philanthropists whose goal is to change the culture of giving in Israel and to encourage wealthy people in Israel to actively influence the society in which they live. The group is the result of cooperation between JFN Israel and the Shareefim organization.

The Next Gen: a group of young funders that incorporates the future generation of the wealthy in Israel. They meet several times a year, led by experts and professionals, to discuss how they view their integration into philanthropy and the dilemmas they face.


The following are examples of past peer groups:

Jewish Renewal: A new group formed as a result of the initiative to complete the grants with the support of the Avichai Foundation, which deals with the connection between philanthropy and Jewish identity in Israel, and the differences between the Jewish identity of Diaspora Jews and those of Jews living in Israel. To download the guide for donors click here.

Giving in a Gender Perspective: A program of meetings dealing with giving from a gender perspective, in cooperation with the Dafna Foundation.

Ethiopian Community – Challenges and Opportunities: A series of meetings dealing with investment in the Ethiopian community, in cooperation with the David Foundation.

The Round Table on Disabilities: This group has been in existence since 2010 and includes donors from Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom working together to promote tolerance for individuals with disabilities and to create awareness of their needs. The group, which began as a learning group, is currently in the stage of operational cooperation, which includes leading a unique project to influence the degree of awareness among the Israeli public of the needs of populations with disabilities.