A Spotlight on Foundations & Philanthropic Giving in Israel

We are pleased to share the Philanthropy Survey in Israel conducted by the Shaldor Consultants in conjunction with the Israeli Philanthropy Conference in September 2019. While reviewing the materials, we recommend examining the data in light of your foundation/family activity:

  • Are there areas where you may want to consider a different investment strategy?
  • What is your preferred mode of operation?
  • Do you collaborate with other donors and if not why?
  • Knowing that philanthropic funds is very small as the data suggests and must be smart due to its ability to influence a much larger system – are there other strategies that can be implemented?

We’ve also included video presentation of the four responders to the survey. We hope to be able to repeat this survey in the future, and we aspire to a philanthropic field where funders and foundations are open to sharing data and their models of operations.Data sharing benefits all of us!

אנו שמחים לצרף את סקר הפילנתרופיה בישראל שבוצע ע”י חברת שלדור עבור הכנס הישראלי לפילנתרופיה שהתקיים בספטמבר 2019.
בעודכם מעיינים בחומרים אנו ממליצים לבחון את הנתונים לאור פעילות הקרן/המשפחה:

  • האם קיימים תחומים בהם רצוי לשקול אסטרטגיה שונה להשקעה? מהו סגנון הפעולה המועדף עליכם?
  • האם אתם משתפים פעולה עם תורמים אחרים, ואם לא מדוע?
  • בידיעה כי הכסף הפילנתרופי קטן מאוד כפי שעולה מהנתונים וחייב להיות חכם בשל יכולתו להשפיע על מערכת גדולה בהרבה – האם קיימת אסטרטגיות אחרות שניתן ליישם?

צרפנו עבורכם גם סרטונים של ארבע התגובות למיפוי. אנו מקווים כי בעתיד נוכל לחזור על סקירה זו, ושואפים כי השדה הפילנתרופי יהיה פתוח יותר לשתף בנתוני הקרנות ודרכי הפעולה שלהן. שיתוף בנתונים מועיל לכולנו! הוא מאפשר למידה הדדית, ניתוב חכם יותר של כסף חדש, יצירת שיתופי פעולה ולבסוף הכוונה טובה יותר של הקצאת משאבים על מנת להגיע לתוצאות ולשינוי בשטח.

Fields of Giving

The Spotlight on Foundations and Philanthropic Giving in Israel is based on:

  • Data collection and background from diverse data sources (2015)
  • Interviews with 18 large philanthropic foundations operating in Israel donating >$10M annually. Overall ~1.5-2B NIS per year, of which ~75% interviewed (re 2018)
  • An online survey for small/medium Israeli donors (100K NIS to 10M annually), 54 donors responded online + 4 interviews ~190M NIS (re 2018).

Fields of Giving

Education and Social Services

NPOs total income in 2015

Total Philanthropy by Fields of Activity

NPOs Areas-of-Activity and Size (in B NIS), 2015

Total Philanthropy by by Fields of Activity in Comparison to Government Spending

Philanthropic funding as % of total funding, by field, 2015

Largest Private Donors Show a Strong Tendency Towards Education & Research

Donations by foundations in the survey, 2018 (NIS Millions)

Investments in Education are Mostly in Universities

Total Donations by Foundations to Education & Research by Sub-fields, 2018
(NIS Millions)

Investments in Health are Mostly Capital Donations to Hospitals

Total Donations by Foundations to Health, by Sub-fields, 2018 (NIS Millions)

Capital projects are not the main focus of any foundation, yet their size makes them a significant part of total activity

Total Donations by Foundations by donation type, 2018

Small/Medium Donors Show a Relatively ‘Balanced Portfolio’ of Donations in Terms of ‘Fields of Activity

Donations by Survey Participants, 2018 (NIS Millions)

Investments in education are mostly in universities but a significant share also goes to elementary education

Total Donations by Small/Medium donors to Education & Research by Sub-fields, 2018
(NIS Millions)

Donors' Behavior

Large Private Gifts Represent ~14% of Philanthropic Giving,
Equal to ~1.5-2% of Total NPOs Funding in Israel

Philanthropic giving by source, 2015

Large Private Gifts Represent ~14% of Philanthropic Giving,
Equal to ~1.5-2% of Total NPOs Funding in Israel

Do Small/Medium Donors Support Capital Projects?

Total donations by small/medium donors, by donation type, 2018

Small/Medium Donors’ Focus seems also correlated with Govt. investments but also more focused on areas of low Govt. investment

High Presence of Private Donors in Areas of Government Dominance, Especially Larger Donors

Activity Tends to Focus on Specific Fields But not in a ‘Strategic’ Operative Model

Although Active in the Same Fields, Smaller Donors
have a Higher Tendency Towards Cooperation than Larger Ones

The 4 Models of Working

Private Donor Activities /Can be Viewed through Four ‘Model of Working’ Perspectives…

Revealing Four ‘General Types’ of Large Foundations

Correlations Found Between Areas of Activity and the Four General Types of Foundations

Small/Med. Donors Activities Can be Viewed through Four ‘Model of Working’ Perspectives…

Small/Med. Donors Tend to the Grant-Makers Model, while ‘Replacing’ the ‘Strategic Soloists’ with a NEW Unique Model

The Partners of the 2019 Israel Philanthropy Conference

Thank you to the Sponsors of the 2019 Israel Philanthropy Conference

The Philanthropy Survey in Israel conducted by the Shaldor Strategy Consulting