Advisory Services

At JFN Israel, we believe that smart and well-planned philanthropy can have a great impact on the strength of Israeli society.

This is why we provide strategic support services to philanthropists who wish to make social investments in Israel or to expand their philanthropic activities in Israel. Our services in the field are based on principles of focus, planning and collaborations, and include:

Initial Steps

Funders who are interested in learning more about a particular topic, or are looking for a timely answer or referral, are invited get immediate initial assistance from JFN-Israel’s staff.

Connections between Funders

As a collaboration-oriented organization, we offer donors the opportunity to meet with peers who share the same areas of interest, leading to personal acquaintances, learning and mutual exchange of ideas.

Connections to Israeli Leadership

We help Israeli and overseas philanthropists build effective and smart strategic giving in Israel, among others, by arranging meetings with senior leaders and key players from the social sectors relevant to their particular field of interest.

Mapping Areas of Interest

We help philanthropists from Israel and overseas alike by mapping out their areas of interest in Israel, including conducting a comprehensive survey to identify potential partners in the field and opportunities for effective giving.


We run workshops in relevant areas that contribute to building an intelligent platform for philanthropy in Israel. The workshops address various topics such as the character of giving in Israel, new trends in philanthropy as well as practical issues such as: exploring investment channels, , due diligence processes for non profits, evaluation and measurement , legislation and regulations, and more.

Personalized Study Tours

We organize study tours that include meetings with Israeli philanthropists and renowned experts and leaders from different fields, to expose interested philanthropists to an entire spectrum of information knowledge and activities carried out in their area of interest.


We specialize in analyzing philanthropic investment profiles in Israel and their actual impact, as a step towards helping Israeli funders plan their future giving.

Strategic Thought and Planning

We believe in guidance that leads to action; philanthropists from Israel and abroad use us to build focused, strategic giving that meets their needs and areas of interest, while bringing about the desired social change in Israel.