JFN Connect

Welcome to JFN Connect, the online chat & private message space exclusively for the JFN member community!

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How it works

This space is for connecting with other JFN members online, all year long. If you are a JFN member, click HERE to get started!

  • Send private direct messages to other members.
  • Start private group chats with multiple other members.
  • Chat in channels that all members (only JFN members) can see.
  • Start your own channels to start a new conversation among JFN members!


No one outside the JFN community can participate or view anything in JFN Connect.
Only current JFN members and JFN staff can participate. Direct messages, channels, and private group posts are always invisible to the general public.
Channels are visible to all JFN members. We might sometimes describe them as “public” to distinguish them from direct messages and private group chats. But no one who is not a JFN member can see or join channels in JFN Connect.
Direct messages and messages in private groups are visible ONLY to the people sending and receiving the messages.

Find a conversation

View directory of channels >>

Create a new channel or private group >>

While some of the channels are intended for particular audiences, they are visible to all JFN members. There are also private (hidden) groups available for official JFN Peer Networks; for Foundation Professionals; for CEOs; and for Trustees and Independent Donors. These are kept hidden for confidentiality even among JFN members. Email seth@jfunders.org if you want to be added to one of these hidden channels. You can also create a new private group yourself and invite people.

Find a person

View the Member Directory >>

You can send someone a message directly from the Member Directory or their profile (There is also a user directory within the chat application, but it has less information about people than the member directory.)

To modify how you appear in the Member Directory, click “account settings” at the bottom of any page on the JFN website.


If you are having trouble accessing or using JFN Connect, please contact seth@jfunders.org.