Member Meetings

Networking and deepening the ties among members is one of the main goals of JFN.  member meetings offer members some of the most significant added value that membership provides, including relationship-building, in-depth learning on various issues, and a forum for original thinking on effective influence in various fields.

The member meetings are friendly and informal, and are usually initiated by one or more JFN members. Participants get to know and build relationships with their colleagues, and find fertile ground for exchanging ideas, transferring information and establishing collaborations.

The member meetings revolve around unique content, such as lectures on specific topics, where experts in a specific field are invited to lead the dialogue between the members. The target audience for these meetings is primarily JFN members, but funders who are not members, and their support staff, are occasionally invited to attend.

Each and every member of the organization is invited to initiate and suggest ideas for the next member meeting. To do so, please contact Emily at