There are many forms that can help organize your philanthropic giving, including the application and monitoring process following granting. As already mentioned, there is no single organizational solution that meets all funders’ needs.

JFN can work with you personally to identify your specific needs and help build a supporting mechanism that fulfills them.

We have collected a number of sample forms that can make it easier for you to understand the different options for funders and foundations:


Samples of One-Pagers – informational documents on a foundation

A one-pager on a foundation explains to the public, interested organizations, and potential partners who you are, what your goals are and how you operate. This document can also include limitations, criteria, clarifications on the size of grants and support periods, a description of the application process, and more.

Once the foundation has a full website that includes this information, no additional forms are necessarily needed. However, in situations where there is no website, a one-pager can be very helpful by concentrating the essential information for potential organizations that will be contacting the foundation.

Samples of Grant Application Forms

  • Two-stage Application Process – Gandyr Foundation

Form for Stage 1 (Hebrew)

Form for Stage 2 (Hebrew)

  • Two-stage Application Process – Fox Family Foundation

Form for Stage 1

Form for Stage 2

  • Rothschild Caesarea Foundation

Initial Application Form (Hebrew)

  • Sample form – Azrieli Family Foundation: most of the foundation’s resources are distributed at the foundation’s initiative (proactive). That said, the foundation also considers applications from nonprofits for a specific project or general support. Those applicants must fill out this form: Application Form for the Azrieli Foundation