What is JFN?

JFN is an international network that brings Jewish philanthropists together to learn, connect, collaborate, and maximize their impact. JFN members harness the power of networks to make Jewish giving better.  Offering a large and growing pool of knowledge and other strategic resources, JFN is committed to helping its members build collaborations and leverage the power of networks to achieve their philanthropic goals.

JFN Israel was established to enable Israeli funders to take a larger and more central role in JFN’s activities, exchange ideas related to their philanthropic involvement, and expand their circles of giving in Israel and abroad. In addition, JFN Israel serves as a bridge for philanthropists from abroad who wish to enter the circles of social influence or expand their philanthropic work in Israel.

JFN is not a grantmaking organization and has no political agenda or affiliation.

How many members are there?

JFN membership currently numbers about 1700 independent philanthropists, foundation directors and trustees from around the world.

Who can join?

Membership is open to individuals and foundations that give away at least $25,000 annually in philanthropic dollars. Solicitation of members is not permitted in any JFN context and all member information is kept strictly confidential.

Who are the members of the organization?

The members of the organization represent a diverse community of independent funders, foundations and foundations professionals from around the world.

Why should I join JFN?

Are membership fees considered as part of my annual donations to Jewish causes, or as part of my overall annual giving?

JFN membership fees are calculated according to the allocation of annual giving (relative to the foundation’s assets) of the individual funder or family foundation. These donations include all types of giving and not only donations to organizations supporting the Jewish community.

For additional information, see the JFN Membership Application Form.

We would like to remain anonymous. Is that possible?

Absolutely. All information related to JFN members is kept in strictest confidence, and is not shared.

Are JFN membership fees tax deductible?

Yes. JFN membership fees are tax deductible. JFN is a nonprofit with 46A status in Israel and 501 (c) (3) status in the United States.

Must I join JFN to apply for a matching grant as part of a JFN matching grant project?

Yes. Furthermore, whoever meets the JFN’s membership criteria but is not a member can apply to join at the same time they apply for a matching grant. Participation in the matching grant program, where significant effort is invested to create a new kind of strategic giving in a funder’s area of interest, is one of the benefits of JFN membership. That said, JFN membership does not guarantee receiving a matching grant. Proposals are evaluated according to the project’s specifications.

As a JFN member, will I be required to make donations to a specific organization or cause?

Absolutely not. Every member gives according to their wishes.