One of the main elements of JFN’s work is to promote collaborations between funders. We believe that philanthropic coalitions for change in a shared field of interest leverage resources, knowledge and experience, and risk reduction, all of which ultimately lead to significant social impact.

Philanthropic coalitions are a driving force in several of the most significant social programs operating in Israel today. To ensure the lifespan and effectiveness of philanthropic coalitions, they need to planned with sensitivity, intelligence and creativity.

At JFN-Israel, we make use of the formidable knowledge and expertise at our disposal to guide foundations and funders in building such coalitions. To that end, in 2015 we published the first guide of its kind, our Handbook for Funder Collaborations, offering essential tools, tips, and a review of existing resources in this field.

After the handbook’s publication, funders increasingly sought to understand how the Israeli government could be a partner for philanthropic collaboration. In 2017 a second handbook was published – A Guide to Collaboration with the Government of Israel.

JFN’s team of experts help our members initiate and integrate into philanthropic collaborations, using several proven models:

Collaborations between funders on existing projects

A JFN member can choose to invest in an existing project, based on the investment of another JFN member.

A “One-on-One” proactive collaboration

Two (or more) JFN members who share a common area of interest meet and decide to invest together in a new social project.

Guidance of funder groups based on a common interest

JFN has often identified a pressing social issue that a number of funders are addressing, and/or trying to determine the best way to approach it. In these cases, JFN will bring together interested funders to discuss possible ways to collaborate and coordinate their efforts. Sometimes these meetings lead to the establishment of funds for specific social change objectives.

Funds for Social Change

Funders who are interested in empowering social change in a particular field can collaborate in a fund that provides grants to worthy organizations or projects operating in that field.

Giving Circles

Giving circles comprise a number of philanthropists who decide to pool their resources to create substantial giving in a specific field and/or project. We at JFN offer advisory services and guidance for all types of philanthropic collaborations, and help identify different options, the relative advantages of collaborations, and effective investment channels that leverage the collective power of investment in that field.

Philanthropic Collaborations